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I am a phd student doing my phd in University of Pennsylvania and access to a team of phd students in same university so that we can offer all subjects in main engineering fields. University of Pennsylvania Subjects: 111. Atoms, Bits, Circuits and Systems 150. Digital Audio Basics 190. Silicon Garage: Introduction to Open Source Hardware and Software Platforms L/R 204. Decision Models 210. Introduction to Dynamic Systems 215. Electrical Circuits and Systems I 218. Electronic, Photonic, and Electromechanical Devices 224. Signal and Information Processing 290. Introduction to Electrical and Systems Engineering Research Methodology 291. Introduction to Electical and Systems Engineering Research and Design 296. Study Abroad 301. Engineering Probability 302. Engineering Applications of Statistics 303. Stochastic Systems Analysis and Simulation 304. Optimization of Systems 310. Electric and Magnetic Fields I 319. Fundamentals of Solid-State Circuits 321. Physics and Models of Semiconductor Devices 325. Fourier Analysis and Applications in Engineering, Mathematics, and the Sciences 350. Embedded Systems/Microcontroller Laboratory 370. Circuit-Level Modeling, Design, and Optimization for Digital Systems 400.Engineering Economics 407.Introduction to Networks and Protocols 411. Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 419. Analog Integrated Circuits 420. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation 444.Project Management 450. Senior Design Project I - EE and SSE. 451. Senior Design Project II - EE and SSE 460.Principles of Microfabrication Technology 500. Linear Systems Theory 501. Networking - Theory and Fundamentals 502. Introduction to Spatial Analysis 504. Introduction to Optimization Theory 505.Control of Systems 507.Introduction to Networks and Protocols 509. Waves, Fibers and Antennas for Telecommunications 510. Electromagnetic and Optical Theory 511. Modern Optics and Image Understanding 512. Dynamical Systems for Engineering and Bilogical Applications. 514.Physics of Materials I 515.Physics of Materials - II 517.Optical Imaging 518. Battery and Super-Capacitor Systems 519.Real-Time Embedded Systems. 520. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation 521. The Physics of Solid State Energy Devices 522. Process Management in Manufacturing. 523. Quantum Engineering 525.Nanoscale Science and Engineering. 526. Photovoltaic Systems Engineering 527. Design of Smart Systems 528. Estimation and Detection Theory 529.Introduction to Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Technolgies 530. Elements of Probability Theory 531. Digital Signal Processing 534. Computer Organization 535. Electronic Design Automation 540.Engineering Economics 544. Project Management 548. Transportation Planning Methods 566. Networked Neuroscience 567. Risk Analysis and Environmental Management 568. Mixed Signal Design and Modeling 570. Digital Integrated Circuits and VLSI-Fundamentals 571. MXD SIGNAL DESGN & MODEL 572. Analog Integrated Circuits 574. The Principles and Practice of Microfabrication Technology. 575. Introduction to Wireless Systems. 576. Digital Communication Systems 578. RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) Design 590. Systems Methodology 597. Master's Thesis 599. Independent Study for Master's credit 601. Hybrid Systems 603. Simulation Modeling and Analysis 605. Modern Convex Optimization 608. Intelligent and Animated Software Agents 610. Electromagnetic and Optical Theory II 617. Non-Linear Control Theory 632. Random Processes and Optimum Filtering 635. Distributed Systems 650. Learning in Robotics 674. Information Theory 675. Optimal Design of Wireless Systems 895. Teaching Practicum 899. Independent Study for PhD credit 995. Dissertation 999. Thesis/Disseratation Research 597. MASTER'S THESIS RESEARCH 599. MASTERS INDEPEND STUDY 601. Advanced Networking Modeling and Analysis SM 770. TCOM Seminar L/R 590. Programming Languages and Techniques L/R 591. Introduction to Software Development. L/R 592. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science L/R 593. Introduction to Computer Systems L/R 594. Data Structures and Sofware Design L/R 595. Computer Systems Programming L/R 596. Algorithms and Computation L/R 597. Programming for the Web 101. Introduction to Computer Science L/R 105. Computational Data Exploration L/R 110. Introduction to Computer Programming 112. Networked Life L/R 120. Programming Languages and Techniques I L/R 121. Programming Languages and Technigues II: Data Structures in Java 125.Technology and Policy L/R 140. Introduction to Cognitive Science. L/R 160. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science L/R 190. C++ Programming L/R 191. Using and Understanding Unix and Linux L/R 192. Python Programming 193. C# Programming L/R 194. Haskell L/R 195. IPhone App Development L/R 196. Ruby on Rals Web Develp L/R 197. JAVASCRIPT L/R 198. RUST PROGRAMMING 240. Introduction to Computer Systems L/R 261. Discrete Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Statistical Inference L/R 262. Automata, Computability, and Complexity 320. Introduction to Algorithms 330. Design Principles of Information Systems 334. Advanced Topics in Algorithms 341. Compilers and Interpreters L/R 350. Software Design/Engineering 368. User Interfaces and the Web 371. Computer Organization and Design 380. Computer Operating Systems 390. Robotics: Planning Perception 398. Quantum Computer and Information Science 400. Senior Project 419. Introducation to Machine Learning 421. Artificial Integlligence. Prerequisite 430. Introduction to Human Language Technology 441. Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications 450. Database and Information Systems 455. Internet and Web Systems 460. Interactive Computer Graphics 461. Advanced Computer Graphics 462. Computer Animation 477.Mathematical Methods/Techniques for Linguistics and Natural Language Processing 480. Real-Time and Embedded Systems 482. Logic In Computer Science 497. DMD Senior Project 500. Software Foundations L/R 501. Computer Architecture L/R 502. Analysis of Algorithms 505. Software Systems 510.Curves and Surfaces: Theory and Applications 515. Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Optimization SM 518. Topics in Logic: Finite Model Theory and Descriptive Complexity 519. Introduction to Machine Learning L/R 520. Machine Learning 521.Artificial Intelligence 526. Machine Translation 530. Computational Linguistics 534.Multicore Programming and Architecture 535.Introduction to Bioinformatics. 537. Biomedical Image Analysis L/R 540. Principles of Embedded Computation 541.Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications 542. Embedded Systems Programming 550. Database and Information Systems 551. Computer and Network Security 552. Advanced Programming 553. Networked Systems 554. Programming Paradigms 555.Internet and Web Systems 556. Cryptography L/R 557. Programming for the Web 558. Computer Analysis and Modeling of Biological Signals and Systems L/R 559. Programming and Problem Solving 560.Interactive Computer Graphics 568. Game Design Practicum 570. Modern Programming Language Implementation 571.Recursion Theory SM 572. Set Theory 573. Software Engineering 580. Machine Perception 581. Computer Vision & Computational Photography 582.Logic in Computer Science 599. Independent Study for Masters Students 601. Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture 610. Advanced Geometric Methods in Computer Science 613. Nonlinear Control Theory SM 620. Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence SM 625. Computational Learning Theory SM 630. Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing SM 635. Advanced Computational Biology SM 639. Statistical approaches to Natural Language Understanding SM 640. Advanced Topics in Software Systems SM 650. Advanced Topics in Databases SM 660. Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Animation SM 670. Advanced Topics in Programming Languages 673. Computer-Aided Verification 677. Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity SM 680. Advanced Topics in Machine Perception 682. Friendly Logics 700. Special Topics 800. PhD Special Topics 899. Doctoral Independent Study 990. Masters Thesis 996. Research Seminar 999. Thesis/Dissertation Research 312. Theory of Networks 150. Market and Social Systems on the Internet 212. Scalable and Cloud Computing 213. Crowdsourcing and Human Computation L/R 312. Theory of Networks 412. Algorithmic Game Theory 561. Advanced Computer Graphics 150. Mkt/Soc Sys on Internet 398. SENIOR EXAM. 783. MUTUAL HELP ORGS & SW 091. Shop Tr: Manual Milling 092. Shop Tr: Manual Turning 093. Shop Tr: Hybrid Milling 094. Tr: CNC Milling/solidcam 095. Shop Tr: CNC Turning 099. Independent Study L/R 110. Introduction to Mechanics 147. Introduction to Mechanics Lab 201. Machine Design and Manufacturing L/R 203. Thermodynamics I L/R 210. Statics and Strength of Materials L/R 211. Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 245. Introduction to Flight L/R 333. Heat and Mass Transfer 347. Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory 348. Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory L/R 354. Mechanics of Solids 404. Materials in Mechanical Design 405.Mechanical Properties of Macro/Nanoscale Materials 410. Design of Mechatronic Systems 415.Product Design 445. Mechanical Engineering Design Projects 446. Mechanical Engineering Design Projects 454. Mechanics of Materials 455. Continuum Biomechanics 502. Energy Engineering 503. Direct Energy Conversion: from Macro to Nano 504. Tribology 505. Mechanical Properties of Macro/Nanoscale Materials 507. Fundamentals of Materials 510.Design of Mechatronic Systems 513.Feedback Control Design and Analysis 514. Design for Manufacturability 516. Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces 519. Elasticity and Micromechanics of Materials 520. Introduction to Robotics 521. Introduction to Parallel Computing 522. Fundamentals of Sensor Technology L/R 527.Finite Element Analysis 528. Advanced Kinematics 529. (ESE 529) Introduction to MEMS and NEMS 530. Continuum Mechanics 535. Advanced Dynamics 536. Viscous Fluid Flow and Modern Applications 537. Nanotribology 540. Optimal Design of Mechanical Systems 543. Performance and Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 544. Continuum Biomechanics 545. Aerodynamics 550. Design of Microelectromechanical Systems 553. Atom Mod in Mats Science 554. Mechanics of Materials L/R 555.Nanoscale Systems Biology L/R 561. Thermodynamics: Foundations, Energy, Materials 564.The Principles and Practice of Microfabrication Technology. (A) L/R 570.Transport Processes I 571. Advanced Topics in Transport Phenomena 572. Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport 575. Micro and Nano Fluidics. (M) 580. Electrochemistry for Energy, Nanofabrication and Sensing 597. Master's Thesis Research 599. Master's Independent Study 613.Nonlinear Control Theory 620. Advanced Robotics L/R 625. Haptic Interfaces 630. Advanced Continuum Mechanics 631. Advanced Elasticity 632. Plasticity 633. Mechanics of Plastic Flow and Fracture 634. Rods and Shells 635. Composite Materials 637.Modern Applications of Dynamics 642. Advanced Fluid Mechanics 646. Computational Mechanics 647. Fundamentals of Complex Fluids L/R 662.Advanced Molecular Thermodynamics 663. Entropic Forces in Biomechanics 690. Advanced Topics in Thermal Fluid Science or Energy 691. Special Topics in Mechanics of Materials 692. Topics in Mechanical Systems SM 699. MEAM Seminar 895. Teaching Practicum 899. Independent Study 990. Masters Thesis 995. Dissertation 999. Thesis/Dissertation Research /R 231. Thermodynamics of Fluids 11. Modern Engineering Problem Solving 297. Study Abroad 371. Separation Processes 375. Engineering and the Environment 410. Chemical Engineering Laboratory 430.Polymers and Biomaterials 480. Laboratory in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 50. Introduction to Biotechnology 508. Probability and Statistics for Biotechnology 510.Polymer Engineering 511. Physical Chemistry of Polymers and Amphiphiles 520. Modeling, Simulations, and Optimization of Chemical Processes 521. Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes 522. Polymer Rheology and Processing 525. Molecular Modeling and Simulations 535. Interfacial Phenomena 541.Engineering and Biological Principles in Cancer 543. Sust Dev/Water Res Sys 545. Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage 554. Engineering Biotechnology 560. Biomolecular Engineering 562.Drug Discovery and Development 563. Dev & Manuf of Biopharm 564. Drug Delivery 580. Masters Biotech Lab 597. Master's Thesis Research 599. Master's Indep Study 60. Introduction to Chemical Engineering 617. (ESE 617, MEAM613) Control of Nonlinear Systems 619. Application of Thermodyanics to Chemical Engineering II 621. Advanced Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design 641. Transport Processes II (Nanoscale Transport) 700. Special Topics 701. Scattering Methods/Colloidal and Macromolecular Systems 702. Surface Science 737. Biotechnology Seminar. (M) 899. Independent Study. (C) 990. Masters Thesis. (C) 995. Dissertation. (C) 999. Thesis/Dissertation Research. L/R 350. Fluid Mechanics L/R 351. Heat and Mass Transport L/R 353. Advanced Chemical Engineering Science L/R 400. Introduction to Product and Process Design L/R 451. Chemical Reactor Design L/R 459. Product and Process Design Projects L/R 460. Chemical Process Control L/R 479. Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering L/R 540.Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering L/R 552.Cellular Bioengineering L/R 555.Nanoscale Systems Biology L/R 557. Stem Cells, Proteomics and Drug Delivery - Soft Matter Fundamentals L/R 582. From Cells to Tissue: Engineering Structure and Function L/R 602. Statistical Mechanics of Liquids L/R 618. (BE 662, MEAM662) Advanced Molecular Thermodynamics L/R 640. (MEAM570) Transport Processes I R 230. Material and Energy Balances of Chemical Processes


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