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Drake  tutors in Philadelphia, PA

Drake D.

Private tutor in Philadelphia, PA


6 PhD students 9 MsC students available to teach all academic subjects: ECE 101 Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Real World ECE 102 Applications of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 121 Introduction to Entertainment Engineering ECE 200 Digital Logic Design ECE 201 Foundations of Electric Circuits ECE 203 Programming for Engineers ECE 211 Electrical Engineering Principles ECE 212 Electrical Engineering Principles Laboratory ECE 302 Design with Embedded Processor Project ECE 361 Probability for Engineers ECE 362 Engineering Statistics ECE 391 Introduction to Engineering Design Methods ECE 491 [WI] Senior Design Project I ECE 492 [WI] Senior Design Project II ECE 493 Senior Design Project III ECE I199 Independent Study in ECE ECE T180 Special Topics in ECE ECEC 301 Advanced Programming for Engineers ECEC 302 Digital Systems Projects ECEC 304 Design with Microcontrollers ECEC 352 Secure Computer Systems: Design Concepts ECEC 353 Systems Programming ECEC 355 Computer Organization & Architecture ECEC 356 Embedded Systems ECEC 357 Introduction to Computer Networks ECEC 402 Digital System Projects Embedded Design ECEC 411 Computer Hardware ECEC 412 Modern Processor Design ECEC 413 Introduction to Parallel Computer Architecture ECEC 414 High Performance Computing ECEC 421 Introduction to Operating Systems I ECEC 422 Introduction to Operating Systems I ECEC 431 Introduction to Computer Networks ECEC 432 Internet Architecture and Protocols ECEC 433 Network Programming ECEC 441 Robotic Computer Interface & Control I ECEC 442 Robotic Computer Interface & Control II ECEC 443 Robotic Computer Interface & Control III ECEC 451 Computer Arithmetic ECEC 453 Image Processing Architecture ECEC 455 Intelligent System Architectures ECEC 457 Security in Computing ECEC 459 Testing of Hardware ECEC 471 Introduction to VLSI Design ECEC 472 Custom VLSI Design & Analysis I ECEC 473 Modern VLSI IC Design ECEC 474 ASIC Design I ECEC 475 ASIC Design II ECEC 497 Research In Computer Engineering 0.5- ECEC T180 Special Topics in ECEC ECEE 302 Electronic Devices ECEE 304 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves ECEE 352 Analog Electronics ECEE 354 Wireless and Optical Electronics ECEE 421 Advanced Electronics I ECEE 422 Advanced Electronic Circuits I ECEE 423 Advanced Electronics Circuits II ECEE 434 Digital Electronics ECEE 441 Lightwave Engineering I ECEE 442 Lightwave Engineering II ECEE 443 Lightwave Engineering III ECEE 451 Electroacoustics ECEE 471 RF Components and Techniques ECEE 472 RF Electronics ECEE 473 Antennas and Radiating Systems ECEE 497 Research in Electrophysics 0.5- ECEE I199 Independent Study in ECEE ECEE T180 Special Topics in ECEE ECEP 352 Electric Motor Control Principles ECEP 354 Energy Management Principles ECEP 371 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering ECEP 372 Radiation Detection and Measurement ECEP 380 Introduction to Renewable Energy ECEP 402 Theory of Nuclear Reactors ECEP 403 Nuclear Power Plant Design & Operation ECEP 404 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering ECEP 406 Introduction to Radiation Health Principles ECEP 411 Power Systems I ECEP 412 Power Systems II ECEP 413 Power Systems III ECEP 421 Modeling and Analysis of Electric Power Distribution Systems ECEP 422 Power Distribution Automation and Control ECEP 423 Service and Power Quality Distribution Systems ECEP 431 Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Conversion I ECEP 432 Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Conversion II ECEP 441 Protective Relaying ECEP 451 Power Electronic Converter Fundamentals ECEP 452 Experimental Study of Power Electronic Converters ECEP 453 Applications of Power Electronic Converters ECEP 461 High Voltage Laboratory ECEP 471 Power Seminar I 0.5 Credits ECEP 472 Power Seminar II 0.5 Credits ECEP 473 Power Seminar III 0.5 Credits ECEP 480 Solar Energy Engineering ECEP 497 Research in Power Systems 0.5- ECEP I199 Independent Study in ECEP ECEP T180 Special Topics in ECEP ECES 201 Introduction to Audio-Visual Signals ECES 301 Transform Methods and Filtering ECES 302 Transform Methods and Filtering ECES 303 Transform Methods II ECES 304 Dynamic Systems and Stability ECES 306 Analog & Digital Communication ECES 352 Introduction to Digital Signal Process ECES 354 Wireless, Mobile & Cellular Communications ECES 356 Theory of Control ECES 358 Computer Control Systems ECES 411 Convex Optimization in Engineering Systems ECES 412 Simulation of Stochastic Engineering Systems ECES 413 Strategies for Repeated Games ECES 421 Communications I ECES 422 Communications II ECES 423 Communications III ECES 434 Applied Digital Signal Processing ECES 435 Recent Advances in Digital Signal Processing ECES 436 Multi-disciplinary Digital Signal Processing ECES 441 Bioinformatics ECES 444 Systems and Control I ECES 445 Systems and Control II ECES 446 Systems and Control III ECES 462 Medical Robotics II ECES 486 Cell and Tissue Image Analysis ECES 487 Pattern Recognition ECES 497 Research in Systems Engineering 0.5- ECES 499 Supervised Study in Systems Engineering ECES I199 Independent Study in ECES ECES T180 Special Topics in ECES ECEL 301 [WI] Electrical Engineering Laboratory ECEL 302 ECE Laboratory II ECEL 303 ECE Laboratory III ECEL 304 ECE Laboratory IV ECEL 311 ECE Laboratory Methods I ECEL 312 ECE Laboratory Methods II ECEL 401 Lightwave Engineering Laboratory ECEL 402 Nano-Photonics Laboratory ECEL 403 Bio-Photonics Laboratory ECEL 404 Software Defined Radio Laboratory ECEL 405 Digital Systems Laboratory ECEL 407 General Purpose GPU Programming ECEL I199 Independent Study in ECEL EET 102 Introduction to Engineering Technology EET 201 Circuit Analysis I EET 202 Circuit Analysis II EET 204 Introduction to Nanotechnology EET 205 Digital Electronics EET 206 Analog Electronics I EET 207 Introduction to Laboratory and Process Control EET 208 Introduction to Programming for Embedded Systems EET 209 Fundamentals of Virtual Instrumentation EET 307 Basic Power Systems I EET 310 Industrial Application of Nanotechnology EET 311 Modeling of Engineering Systems EET 313 Signals and Systems I EET 317 Analog Electronics II EET 319 PLC Fundamentals EET 320 Renewable Energy Systems EET 322 Energy Conversion EET 323 Electrical Systems Design EET 324 Power Electronics EET 325 Microprocessors EET 333 [WI] Non-Destructive Evaluation of Materials EET 335 Acoustic Emission EET 401 Applied Microcontrollers EET 402 Control Engineering EET 404 Signals and Systems II EET 406 Communication Systems EET 407 Power Systems Fundamentals EET 409 Optical System Design EET I199 Independent Study in EET BMES 124 Biomedical Engineering Freshman Seminar I BMES 125 Foundations of Biomedical Engineering BMES 126 Biomedical Engineering Freshman Seminar II BMES 130 Problem Solving in Biomedical Engineering BMES 201 Programming and Modeling for Biomedical Engineers I BMES 202 Programming and Modeling for Biomedical Engineers ll BMES 212 The Body Synthetic BMES 235 Living Systems Engineering BMES 301 Laboratory I: Experimental Biomechanics BMES 302 Laboratory II: Biomeasurements BMES 303 Laboratory III: Biomedical Electronics BMES 304 Laboratory IV: Ultrasound Images BMES 305 Laboratory V: Musculoskeletal Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers BMES 310 Biomedical Statistics BMES 315 Experimental Design in Biomedical Research BMES 325 Principles of Biomedical Engineering I BMES 326 Principles of Biomedical Engineering II BMES 330 Biological Rhythm in Pharmacology and Toxicology BMES 331 Computers in Health Systems I BMES 332 Computers in Health Systems II BMES 335 Biomedical Informatics I BMES 336 Biomedical Informatics II: Hospital and Patient Information BMES 338 Biomedical Ethics and Law BMES 340 Health Care Administration BMES 345 Mechanics of Biological Systems BMES 350 Med & Bio Effects Of Light BMES 363 Robotics in Medicine I BMES 365 Robotics in Medicine II BMES 372 Biosimulation BMES 375 Computational Bioengineering BMES 381 Junior Design Seminar I BMES 382 Junior Design Seminar II BMES 391 Biomedical Instrumentation I BMES 392 Biomedical Instrumentation II BMES 401 Biosensors I BMES 402 Biosensors II BMES 403 Biosensors III BMES 405 Physiological Control Systems BMES 409 Entrepreneurship for BMES BMES 411 Chronoengineering I: Biological Rhythms in Health and Performance BMES 412 Chronoengineering II: Sleep Functions in Health and Performance BMES 421 Biomedical Imaging Systems I: Images BMES 422 Biomedical Imaging Systems II: Ultrasound BMES 423 Biomedical Imaging Systems III BMES 430 Neural Aspects of Posture and Locomotion BMES 432 Biomedical Systems and Signals BMES 440 Introduction to Biodynamics BMES 441 Biomechanics I: Introduction to Biomechanics BMES 442 Biomechanics II: Musculoskeletal Modeling and Human Performance BMES 443 Biomechanics III: Mechanics of Biological Tissues, Implant Technology and Prosthetics BMES 444 Biofluid Mechanics BMES 451 Transport Phenomena in Living Systems BMES 452 Transport Phenomena in Living Systems II BMES 460 Biomaterials I BMES 461 Biomaterials II BMES 466 Robotics in Medicine III BMES 471 Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Tissue Engineering BMES 472 Developmental and Evolutionary Foundations of Tissue Engineering BMES 475 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering III BMES 477 Neuroengineering I: Neural Signals BMES 478 Neuroengineering II: Principles of Neuroengineering BMES 483 Quantitative Systems Biology BMES 484 Genome Information Engineering BMES 488 Medical Device Development BMES 491 [WI] Senior Design Project I BMES 492 Senior Design Project II BMES 493 Senior Design Project III BMES 494 Clinical Practicum I BMES 495 Clinical Practicum II BMES 496 Clinical Practicum III BMES I199 Independent Study in BMES BMES T180 Special Topics in BMES SE 101 Foundations of Software Engineering I SE 102 Foundations of Software Engineering II SE 103 Foundations of Software Engineering III SE 210 Software Specification and Design I SE 211 Software Specification and Design II SE 280 Special Topics in Software Engineering SE 310 Software Architecture I SE 311 Software Architecture II SE 320 Software Verification and Validation SE 410 Software Evolution SE 480 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering SE I199 Independent Study in SE CS 140 Introduction to Multimedia Programming CS 143 Computer Programming Fundamentals CS 161 Introduction to Computing CS 164 Introduction to Computer Science CS 171 Computer Programming I CS 172 Computer Programming II CS 175 Advanced Computer Programming I CS 176 Advanced Computer Programming II CS 190 Selected Computer Language CS 260 Data Structures CS 265 Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques CS 270 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science CS 275 Web and Mobile App Development CS 281 Systems Architecture CS 283 Systems Programming CS 300 Applied Symbolic Computation CS 303 Algorithmic Number Theory and Cryptography CS 338 Graphical User Interfaces CS 345 Computer Game Design and Development CS 347 Experimental Game Development CS 348 Serious Game Development CS 350 [WI] Software Design CS 352 Processor Architecture & Analysis CS 360 Programming Language Concepts CS 361 Concurrent Programming CS 365 System Administration CS 370 Operating Systems CS 377 Software Security CS 380 Artificial Intelligence CS 383 Machine Learning CS 385 Evolutionary Computing CS 387 Game AI Development CS 430 Computer Graphics CS 431 Advanced Rendering Techniques CS 432 Interactive Computer Graphics CS 435 Computational Photography CS 440 Theory of Computation CS 441 Compiler Workshop I CS 442 Compiler Workshop II CS 445 Topics in Computer Gaming CS 451 Software Engineering CS 457 Data Structures and Algorithms I CS 458 Data Structures and Algorithms II CS 461 Database Systems CS 465 Privacy and Trust CS 467 Security and Human Behavior CS 470 Operating Systems Workshop CS 472 Computer Networks: Theory, Applications and Programming CS 475 Computer and Network Security CS 476 High Performance Computing CS 479 Advanced Network Security CS 481 Advanced Artificial Intelligence CS I199 Independent Study in CS CS I499 Independent Study in Computer Science CS T180 Special Topics in Computer Science ECEC 500 Fundamentals Of Computer Hardware ECEC 501 Computational Principles of Representation and Reasoning ECEC 502 Principles of Data Analysis ECEC 503 Principles of Decision Making ECEC 511 Combinational Circuit Design ECEC 512 Sequential Circuit Design ECEC 513 Design for Testability ECEC 520 Dependable Computing ECEC 541 Robotic Computer Interface Controls I ECEC 542 Robotic Computer Interface Controls II ECEC 543 Robotic Computer Interface Controls III ECEC 571 Introduction to VLSI Design ECEC 572 Custom VLSI Design & Analysis I ECEC 573 Custom VLSI Design & Analysis II ECEC 574 ASIC Design I ECEC 575 ASIC Design II ECEC 600 Fundamentals of Computer Networks ECEC 621 High Performance Computer Architecture ECEC 622 Parallel Computer Architecture ECEC 623 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture ECEC 631 Principles of Computer Networking ECEC 632 Performance Analysis of Computer Networks ECEC 633 Advanced Topics in Computer Networking ECEC 641 Web Security I ECEC 642 Web Security II ECEC 643 Web Security III ECEC 654 Knowledge Engineering I ECEC 655 Knowledge Engineering II ECEC 656 Knowledge Engineering III ECEC 661 Digital Systems Design ECEC 662 VLSI Array Processors I ECEC 663 VLSI Array Processors II ECEC 671 Electronic Design Automation for VLSI Circuits I ECEC 672 Electronic Design Automation for VLSI Circuits II ECEC 673 Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuit Design ECEC 697 Research in Computer Engineering ECEC 699 Supervised Study in Computer Engineering ECEC 890 Advanced Special Topics in Computer Engineering ECEC 891 Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering ECEC 898 Master's Thesis in Computer Engineering ECEC 997 Dissertation Research in Computer Engineering ECEC 998 Ph.D. Dissertation in Computer Engineering ECEC I599 Independent Study in ECEC ECEC T580 Special Topics in ECEC ECEE 501 Physical Principles of Electrical Engineering I ECEE 502 Physical Principles of Electrical Engineering II ECEE 507 Electromagnetic Field Analysis I ECEE 508 Electromagnetic Field Analysis II ECEE 510 Scattering & Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves ECEE 517 Microwave Networks & Transmission Media ECEE 518 Microwave Passive Components ECEE 519 Microwave Active Subsystems ECEE 520 Solid-State Electronics ECEE 521 Bipolar and FETs ECEE 522 Photonic Devices ECEE 523 Integrated Circuits ECEE 525 Digital IC and CMOS Technology ECEE 526 Custom VLSI Design ECEE 541 Photonic Systems ECEE 542 Optical Applications of Diffraction and Interference ECEE 603 Cooperative Phenomena ECEE 607 Nanoscale Fields ECEE 619 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design ECEE 621 Thin Film Technology I ECEE 622 Microfabrication Technology ECEE 623 Thin Film Technology III ECEE 641 Fiber Optics & Optical Communications I ECEE 642 Fiber Optics & Optical Communications II ECEE 671 Seminar in Electro-Physics I ECEE 672 Seminar in Electro-Physics II ECEE 673 Seminar in Electro-Physics III ECEE 697 Research in Electrophysics ECEE 699 Supervised Study in Electrophysics ECEE 811 Microwave & THZ Photonics I ECEE 812 Microwave & THZ Photonics II ECEE 813 Microwave & THZ Photonics III ECEE 820 Carrier Transport Fundamentals ECEE 821 Nanoelectronics ECEE 890 Advanced Special Topics in Electrophysics ECEE 898 Masters Thesis in Electrophysics ECEE 997 Dissertation Research in Electrophysics ECEE 998 Ph.D. Dissertation in Electrophysics ECEE I599 Independent Study in ECEE ECEE T580 Special Topics in ECEE ECEP 501 Power System Analysis ECEP 502 Computer Analysis of Power Systems ECEP 503 Synchronous Machine Modeling ECEP 601 Modeling & Analysis of Power Distribution Systems ECEP 602 Power Distribution Automation and Control ECEP 603 Service and Power Quality in Distribution Systems ECEP 610 Power System Dynamics ECEP 611 Power System Security ECEP 612 Economic Operation of Power Systems ECEP 613 Advanced Power System Design ECEP 614 Power System Dynamic Security ECEP 641 Protective Relaying ECEP 642 Protective Relay Laboratory ECEP 643 Solid State Protective Relaying ECEP 661 High Voltage High Power Phenomena ECEP 671 AC-DC and DC-AC Power Electronic Converters ECEP 672 Power Electronic Experiments: Hardware and Software ECEP 673 Power Electronic Applications ECEP 697 Research in Power Engineering ECEP 699 Supervised Study in Power Engineering ECEP 801 Advanced Topics in Power Systems I ECEP 802 Advanced Topics in Power Systems II ECEP 803 Advanced Topics in Power Systems III ECEP 821 Load Forecasting & Probability Methods ECEP 822 Power System Planning ECEP 823 Power System Reliability ECEP 890 Advanced Special Topics in Power Engineering ECEP 898 Master's Thesis Power Engineering ECEP 997 Dissertation Research in Power Engineering ECEP 998 Ph.D. Dissertation in Power Engineering ECEP I599 Independent Study in ECEP ECEP T580 Special Topics in ECEP ECES 510 Analytical Methods in Systems ECES 511 Fundamentals of Systems I ECES 512 Fundamentals of Systems II ECES 513 Fundamentals of Systems III ECES 521 Probability & Random Variables ECES 522 Random Process & Spectral Analysis ECES 523 Detection & Estimation Theory ECES 558 Digital Signal Processing for Sound & Hearing ECES 559 Processing of the Human Voice ECES 561 Medical Robotics I ECES 562 Medical Robotics II ECES 604 Optimal Estimation & Stochastic Control ECES 607 Estimation Theory ECES 614 Passive Network Synthesis ECES 615 Analysis & Design of Linear Active Networks ECES 621 Communications I ECES 622 Communications II ECES 623 Communications III ECES 631 Fundamentals of Deterministic Digital Signal Processing ECES 632 Fundamentals of Statistical Digital Signal Processing ECES 640 Genomic Signal Processing ECES 641 Bioinformatics ECES 642 Optimal Control ECES 643 Digital Control Systems Analysis & Design ECES 644 Computer Control Systems ECES 651 Intelligent Control ECES 660 Machine Listening and Music IR ECES 670 Seminar in Systems I ECES 671 Seminar in Systems II ECES 672 Seminar in Systems III ECES 681 Fundamentals of Computer Vision ECES 682 Fundamentals of Image Processing ECES 684 Imaging Modalities ECES 685 Image Reconstruction Algorithms ECES 686 Cell and Tissue Image Analysis ECES 687 Pattern Recognition ECES 697 Research In Systems Engineering ECES 699 Supervised Study in Systems Engineering ECES 801 Advanced Topics in Systems I ECES 802 Advanced Topics in Systems II ECES 803 Advanced Topics in Systems III ECES 811 Optimization Methods for Engineering Design ECES 812 Mathematical Program Engineering Design ECES 813 Computer-Aided Network Design ECES 817 Non-Linear Control Systems ECES 818 Machine Learning & Adaptive Control ECES 821 Reliable Communications & Coding I ECES 822 Reliable Communications & Coding II ECES 823 Reliable Communications & Coding III ECES 890 Advanced Special Topics in Systems Engineering ECES 898 Master's Thesis in Systems Engineering ECES 921 Reliable Communications & Coding I ECES 997 Dissertation Research in Systems Engineering ECES 998 Ph.D. Dissertation in Systems Engineering ECES I599 Independent Study in ECES ECES T580 Special Topics in ECES ECE 501 Topics in Circuits and Systems ECE 502 Topics In Communications, Controls and Computers ECE 503 Topics in Mathematical Techniques In Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 571 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Research ECE 572 Techniques of Electrical and Computer Engineering Research ECE 573 Presentation of Electrical and Computer Engineering Research ECE 695 Research Rotations in Cybersecurity ECE 697 Research ECE 898 Master's Thesis ECE 997 Dissertation Research ECE 998 Ph.D. Dissertation ECE I699 Independent Study in ECE ECET 501 Fundamentals of Communications Engineering ECET 511 Physical Foundations of Telecommunications Networks ECET 512 Wireless Systems ECET 513 Wireless Networks ECET 602 Information Theory and Coding ECET 603 Optical Communications and Networks ECET 604 Internet Laboratory ECET 697 Research in Telecommunications ECET 699 Supervised Study in Telecommunications ECET 890 Advanced Special Topics in Telecommunications ECET 898 Master's Thesis in Telecommunications ECET 997 Dissertation Research in Telecommunications ECET 998 Ph.D. Dissertation in Telecommunications ECET I599 Independent Study in ECET ECET T580 Special Topics in ECET BMES 501 Medical Sciences I BMES 502 Medical Sciences II BMES 503 Medical Sciences III BMES 504 Medical Sciences IV BMES 505 Mathematics for Biomedical Sciences I BMES 506 Mathematics for Biomedical Sciences II BMES 507 Mathematics for Biomedical Sciences III BMES 508 Cardiovascular Engineering BMES 509 Entrepreneurship for Biomedical Engineering and Science BMES 510 Biomedical Statistics BMES 511 Principles of Systems Analysis Applied to Biomedicine I BMES 512 Principles of Systems Analysis Applied to Biomedicine II BMES 513 Biomedical Electronics BMES 514 Computer Applications in Biomedical Research BMES 515 Experimental Design in Biomedical Research BMES 517 Intermediate Biostatistics BMES 518 Interpretation of Biomedical Data BMES 520 Introduction to Medical Science BMES 521 Principles of Bioengineering BMES 522 Principles of Bioengineering II BMES 523 Principles of Bioengineering III BMES 524 Introduction to Biosensors BMES 525 Advanced Biosensors BMES 531 Chronobioengineering I BMES 532 Chronobioengineering II BMES 534 Design Thinking for Biomedical Engineers BMES 535 Introduction to Product Design for Biomedical Engineers BMES 538 Biomedical Ethics and Law BMES 541 Nano and Molecular Mechanics of Biological Materials BMES 543 Quantitative Systems Biology BMES 544 Genome Information Engineering BMES 545 Biosystems Modeling 4.5 Credits BMES 546 Biocomputational Languages BMES 547 Machine Learning in Biomedical Applications BMES 548 Structural Bioinformatics and Drug Design BMES 549 Genomic and Sequencing Technologies BMES 551 Biomedical Signal Processing BMES 552 Introduction to Bioacoustics BMES 561 Introduction to Systems Analysis in Biomedical Engineering & Science BMES 563 Robotics in Medicine I BMES 565 Robotics in Medicine II BMES 566 Robotics in Medicine III BMES 571 Biological Evolution: Applications to Human Health and Performance BMES 588 Medical Device Development BMES 590 Clinical Rotation BMES 594 Clinical Practicum I BMES 595 Clinical Practicum II BMES 596 Clinical Practicum III BMES 601 Anatomy I BMES 602 Anatomy II BMES 603 Anatomy III BMES 604 Pharmacogenomics BMES 611 Biological Control Systems I BMES 612 Biological Control Systems II BMES 613 Biological Control Systems III BMES 621 Medical Imaging Systems I BMES 622 Medical Imaging Systems II BMES 623 Medical Imaging Systems III BMES 625 Biomedical Ultrasound I BMES 626 Biomedical Ultrasound II BMES 628 Ultrasound Wave Motion in Solids and Piezoelectrics BMES 631 Tissue Engineering I BMES 632 Tissue Engineering II BMES 641 Biomedical Mechanics I BMES 642 Biomedical Mechanics II BMES 643 Biomedical Mechanics III BMES 644 Cellular Biomechanics BMES 651 Transport Phenomena in Living Systems I BMES 660 Biomaterials I BMES 661 Biomaterials II BMES 672 Biosimulation I BMES 673 Biosimulation II BMES 675 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering III BMES 676 Software Development for Health Science Instruction BMES 681 Physics of Living Systems I BMES 682 Physics of Living Systems II BMES 683 Physics of Living Systems III BMES 685 Experimental Methods in Neuroengineering BMES 710 Neural Signals BMES 711 Principles in Neuroengineering BMES 722 Neural Aspects of Posture and Locomotion I BMES 725 Neural Networks BMES 731 Advanced Topics in Ultrasound Research I BMES 732 Advanced Topics in Ultrasound Research II BMES 821 Medical Instrumentation BMES 822 Medical Instrumentation II BMES 823 Medical Instrument Laboratory BMES 825 Hospital Administration BMES 826 Hospital Engineering Management BMES 864 Seminar BMES 866 Seminar II BMES 867 Seminar III BMES 897 Research BMES 898 Master's Thesis BMES 998 Ph.D. Dissertation BMES I599 Independent Study in BMES BMES T580 Special Topics in BMES CS 500 Fundamentals of Databases CS 510 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS 511 Robot Laboratory CS 520 Computer Science Foundations CS 521 Data Structures and Algorithms I CS 522 Data Structures and Algorithms II CS 525 Theory of Computation CS 530 Developing User Interfaces CS 536 Computer Graphics CS 537 Interactive Computer Graphics CS 540 High Performance Computing CS 543 Operating Systems CS 544 Computer Networks CS 550 Programming Languages CS 551 Compiler Construction I CS 552 Compiler Construction II CS 558 Game Engine Programming CS 567 Applied Symbolic Computation CS 570 Programming Foundations CS 571 Advanced Programming Techniques CS 575 Software Design CS 576 Dependable Software Systems CS 583 Introduction to Computer Vision CS 590 Privacy CS 610 Advanced Artificial Intelligence CS 611 Game Artificial Intelligence CS 612 Knowledge-based Agents CS 613 Machine Learning CS 620 Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms CS 621 Approximation Algorithms CS 623 Computational Geometry CS 630 Cognitive Systems CS 634 Advanced Computer Vision CS 636 Advanced Computer Graphics CS 643 Advanced Operating Systems CS 645 Network Security CS 647 Distributed Systems Software CS 650 Program Generation and Optimization CS 668 Computer Algebra I CS 669 Computer Algebra II CS 675 Reverse Software Engineering CS 676 Parallel Programming CS 695 Research Rotations in Cybersecurity CS 741 Computer Networks II CS 751 Database Theory II CS 759 Complexity Theory CS 770 Topics in Artificial Intelligence CS 780 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering CS 898 Master's Thesis CS 997 Research in Computer Science CS 998 Ph.D. Dissertation CS I599 Independent Study in CS CS T580 Special Topics in CS MEM 201 Foundations of Computer Aided Design MEM 202 Statics MEM 220 Basic Fluid Mechanics MEM 230 Mechanics of Materials I MEM 238 Dynamics MEM 255 Introduction to Controls MEM 304 Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering MEM 310 Thermodynamic Analysis I MEM 311 Thermal Fluid Science Laboratory MEM 320 Fluid Dynamics I MEM 330 Mechanics of Materials II MEM 331 Experimental Mechanics I MEM 333 Mechanical Behavior of Materials MEM 345 Heat Transfer MEM 351 Dynamic Systems Laboratory I MEM 355 Performance Enhancement of Dynamic Systems MEM 361 Engineering Reliability MEM 371 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering I MEM 373 Space Systems Engineering I MEM 374 Space Systems Engineering II MEM 391 Introduction to Engineering Design Methods MEM 395 Hess Undergraduate Scholars Research 0.5- MEM 400 Internal Combustion Engines MEM 402 Power Plant Design MEM 403 Gas Turbines & Jet Propulsion MEM 405 Principles of Combustion I MEM 406 Principles of Combustion II MEM 410 Thermodynamic Analysis II MEM 413 HVAC Loads MEM 414 HVAC Equipment MEM 415 Fuel Cell Engines MEM 417 Introduction to Microfabrication MEM 419 Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip MEM 420 Aerodynamics MEM 423 Mechanics of Vibration MEM 424 Biomechanics MEM 425 Aircraft Design & Performance MEM 426 Aerospace Structures MEM 427 Finite Element Methods MEM 428 Introduction to Composites I MEM 429 Introduction to Composites II MEM 430 Advanced Stress Analysis MEM 431 Machine Design I MEM 435 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing MEM 436 Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing MEM 437 Manufacturing Process I MEM 438 Manufacturing Process II MEM 440 Thermal Systems Design MEM 444 Biofluid Mechanics MEM 445 Solar Energy Fundamentals MEM 446 Fundamentals of Plasmas I MEM 447 Fundamentals of Plasmas II MEM 448 Applications of Thermal Plasmas MEM 449 Applications of Non-Thermal Plasmas MEM 453 Aircraft Flight Dynamics & Control I MEM 454 Aircarft Flight Dynamics & Control II MEM 455 Introduction to Robotics MEM 456 Robotics II MEM 457 Robotics III MEM 458 Micro-Based Control Systems I MEM 459 Control Applications of DSP Microprocessors MEM 462 [WI] Introduction to Engineering Management MEM 475 Medical Robotics I MEM 476 Medical Robotics II MEM 477 Haptics for Medical Robotics MEM 478 Computer-Aided Tissue Engr MEM 491 [WI] Senior Design Project I MEM 492 [WI] Senior Design Project II MEM 493 [WI] Senior Design Project III MEM I199 Independent Study in MEM MHT 201 Kinematics MHT 205 Thermodynamics I MHT 206 Thermodynamics II MHT 214 Technology Laboratory I MHT 220 Applied Statics MHT 222 Applied Dynamics I MHT 224 Applied Dynamics II MHT 226 Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation MHT 295 Environmental Control Plasma Laboratory MHT 301 Fluid Mechanics I MHT 310 Applied Strength of Materials I MHT 312 Applied Strength of Materials II MHT 314 Thermo and Heat Transfer Analysis MHT 316 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory MHT 401 Mechanical Design I MHT 402 Mechanical Design II MHT 403 Fluid Mechanics II MHT 404 Advanced Materials MHT 405 HVAC MHT T180 Special Topics in MHT MATE 100 Materials for Emerging Technologies MATE 101 Fundamentals of Materials MATE 120 Modern Materials in Your World MATE 214 Introduction to Polymers MATE 221 Introduction to Mechanical Behavior of Materials MATE 240 Thermodynamics of Materials MATE 245 Kinetics of Materials MATE 280 Advanced Materials Laboratory MATE 315 Processing Polymers 4.5 Credits MATE 341 Defects in Solids MATE 345 Processing of Ceramics 4.5 Credits MATE 351 Electronic and Photonic Properties of Materials MATE 355 Structure and Characterization of Crystalline Materials MATE 366 [WI] Processing of Metallic Materials 4.5 Credits MATE 370 Mechanical Behavior of Solids MATE 410 Case Studies in Materials MATE 450 The Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials MATE 455 Biomedical Materials MATE 458 Advanced Biomaterials MATE 460 Engineering Computational Laboratory MATE 473 Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Characterization of Energy Materials MATE 476 Recycling of Materials MATE 482 Materials for Energy Storage MATE 483 Environmental Effects on Materials MATE 491 [WI] Senior Project Design I MATE 492 Senior Project Design II MATE 493 [WI] Senior Project Design III MATE I199 Independent Study in MATE MATE T180 Special Topics in MATE MEM 503 Gas Turbines & Jet Propulsion MEM 504 HVAC Equipment MEM 505 HVAC Controls MEM 517 Fundamentals of Nanomanufacturing MEM 518 Introduction to Nanoscale Metrology MEM 530 Aircraft Flight Dynamics & Control I MEM 540 Control Applications of DSP Microprocessors MEM 545 Solar Energy Fundamentals MEM 569 Introduction to Composite Materials I MEM 570 Introduction to Composite Materials II MEM 571 Introduction to Robot Technology MEM 572 Mechanics of Robot Manipulators MEM 573 Industrial Application of Robots MEM 574 Introduction to CAM MEM 591 Applied Engr Analy Methods I MEM 592 Applied Engr Analy Methods II MEM 593 Applied Engr Analy Methods III MEM 601 Statistical Thermodynamics I MEM 602 Statistical Thermodynamics II MEM 603 Advanced Thermodynamics MEM 611 Conduction Heat Transfer MEM 612 Convection Heat Transfer MEM 613 Radiation Heat Transfer MEM 617 Introduction to Microfabrication MEM 619 Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip MEM 621 Foundations of Fluid Mechanics MEM 622 Boundry Layers-Laminar & Turbulent MEM 630 Linear Multivariable Systems I MEM 631 Linear Multivariable Systems II MEM 632 Linear Multivariable Systems III MEM 633 Robust Control Systems I MEM 634 Robust Control Systems II MEM 635 Robust Control Systems III MEM 636 Theory of Nonlinear Control I MEM 637 Theory of Nonlinear Control II MEM 638 Theory of Nonlinear Control III MEM 639 Real Time Microcomputer Control I MEM 640 Real Time Microcomputer Control II MEM 646 Fundamentals of Plasmas I MEM 647 Fundamentals of Plasmas II MEM 648 Applications of Thermal Plasmas MEM 649 Application of Non-Thermal Plasmas MEM 660 Theory of Elasticity I MEM 661 Theory of Elasticity II MEM 662 Theory of Elasticity III MEM 663 Continuum Mechanics MEM 664 Introduction to Plasticity MEM 665 Time-Dependent Solid Mechanics MEM 666 Advanced Dynamics I MEM 667 Advanced Dynamics II MEM 668 Advanced Dynamics III MEM 670 Theory of Plates and Shells MEM 671 Mechanical Vibrations I MEM 672 Mechanical Vibrations II MEM 673 Ultrasonics I MEM 674 Ultrasonics II MEM 675 Medical Robotics I MEM 676 Medical Robotics II MEM 677 Haptics for Medical Robotics MEM 678 Nondestructive Evaluation Methods MEM 681 Finite Element Methods I MEM 682 Finite Element Methods II MEM 684 Mechanics of Biological Tissues MEM 685 Mechanics of Human Joints MEM 686 Mechanics of Human Motion MEM 687 Manufacturing Processes I MEM 688 Manufacturing Processes II MEM 689 Computer-Aided Manufacturing MEM 701 Physical Gas Dynamics I MEM 705 Combustion Theory I MEM 706 Combustion Theory II MEM 707 Combustion Theory III MEM 711 Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer I MEM 712 Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer II MEM 714 Two-Phase Flow & Heat Transfer MEM 717 Heat Transfer in Manufacturing MEM 721 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer MEM 722 Hydrodynamic Stability MEM 723 Vortex Interactions and Complex Turbulent Flow MEM 725 Compressible Fluid Dynamics MEM 727 Fluid Dynamics in Manufacturing Processes MEM 730 Control of Flexible Space Structures I MEM 731 Control of Flexible Space Structures II MEM 733 Applied Optimal Control I MEM 734 Applied Optimal Control II MEM 735 Advanced Topics in Optimal Control MEM 760 Mechanical Composite Materials I MEM 761 Mechanical Composite Materials II MEM 762 Mechanical Composite Materials III MEM 770 Theory of Elastic Stability MEM 777 Fracture Mechanics I MEM 782 Impact and Wave Propagation I MEM 783 Impact and Wave Propagation II MEM 784 Impact & Wave Propagation III MEM 891 Topics in Advanced Engineering I MEM 892 Topics in Advanced Engineering II MEM 893 Topics in Advanced Engineering III MEM 894 Engineering Mathematics MEM 897 Research MEM 898 Master's Thesis 1.0-20.0 Credit MEM 998 Ph.D. Dissertation MEM I599 Independent Study in MEM MEM T580 Special Topics in MEM MATE 500 Structure and Properties of Metals MATE 501 Structure and Properties of Polymers MATE 502 Structure and Properties of Ceramic and Electronic Materials MATE 503 Introduction to Materials Engineering MATE 504 The Art of Being a Scientist MATE 505 Phase Equilibria MATE 506 Diffusion MATE 507 Kinetics MATE 510 Thermodynamics of Solids MATE 512 Introduction to Solid State Materials MATE 514 Structure, Symmetry, and Properties of Materials MATE 515 Experimental Technique in Materials MATE 525 Introduction to Composite Materials MATE 530 Solidification Processing I MATE 531 Solidification Processing II MATE 535 Numerical Engineering Methods MATE 536 Materials Seminar Series MATE 540 Polymer Morphology MATE 541 Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy and Related Techniques MATE 542 Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials MATE 543 Thermal Spray Technology MATE 544 Nanostructured Polymeric Materials MATE 545 Fracture of Polymeric Materials MATE 560 Powder Metallurgy I MATE 561 Powder Metallurgy II MATE 563 Ceramics MATE 565 Crystal Mechanics I MATE 566 Crystal Mechanics II MATE 570 Materials Processing I MATE 571 Materials Processing II MATE 572 Materials for High Temperature and Energy MATE 573 Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Characterization of Energy Materials MATE 576 Recycling of Materials MATE 582 Materials for Energy Storage MATE 583 Environmental Effects on Materials MATE 585 Nanostructured Carbon Materials MATE 602 Soft Materials MATE 605 Computer Simulation of Materials and Processes I MATE 610 Mechanical Behavior of Solids MATE 651 Advanced Polymer Processing MATE 661 Biomedical Materials I MATE 662 Biomedical Materials II MATE 702 Natural Polymers MATE 897 Research MATE 898 [WI] Master's Thesis MATE 998 Ph.D. Dissertation CHE 201 Process Material Balances CHE 202 Process Energy Balances CHE 206 Basic Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CHE 211 Material and Energy Balances I CHE 212 Material and Energy Balances II CHE 220 Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering I CHE 230 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I CHE 250 Chemical Engineering Process Principles CHE 301 Process Thermodynamics CHE 302 Process Fluid Mechanics CHE 303 Process Heat Transfer CHE 304 Process Mass Transfer CHE 305 Process Separations CHE 307 Process Modeling I CHE 308 Process Modeling II CHE 310 Transport Phenomena CHE 311 Fluid Flow and Transport CHE 320 Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering II CHE 330 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II CHE 331 Separation Processes CHE 332 [WI] Chemical Engineering Laboratory CHE 333 [WI] Chemical Engineering Laboratory II CHE 334 [WI] Chemical Engineering Laboratory III CHE 335 Statistics and Design of Experiments CHE 341 Fluid Mechanics CHE 342 Heat Transfer CHE 343 Mass Transfer CHE 344 Transport Phenomena in Bioengineering Processes CHE 350 Statistics and Design of Experiments CHE 351 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I 2.5 Credits CHE 352 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II 2.5 Credits CHE 360 BioProcess Principles CHE 362 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design CHE 364 Bioprocess Unit Operations CHE 371 Engineering Economics and Professional Practice CHE 372 Integrated Case Studies in Chemical Engineering CHE 399 Special Problems in Chemical Engineering CHE 420 Process Systems Engineering CHE 424 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design CHE 430 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering CHE 431 Fundamentals of Solar Cells CHE 450 Chemical Process Industries CHE 451 Safety Engineering CHE 452 Polymer Process Technology CHE 453 Chemical Engineering Laboratory III 2.5 Credits CHE 460 Biochemical Engineering CHE 461 Principles of Colloid Science CHE 464 Process Dynamics and Control CHE 466 Chemical Process Safety CHE 471 Process Design I CHE 472 Process Design II CHE 473 Process Design III CHE 481 Process Design I CHE 482 [WI] Process Design II CHE 483 [WI] Process Design III CHE I199 Independent Study in CHE CHE T180 Special Topics in CHE CHE 502 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering CHE 513 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CHE 525 Transport Phenomena I CHE 531 Fundamentals of Solar Cells CHE 534 Mass Transfer Operations I CHE 543 Kinetics & Catalysis I CHE 554 Process Systems Engineering CHE 556 Process Optimization CHE 560 Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems CHE 561 Principles of Colloid Science CHE 562 Bioreactor Engineering CHE 564 Unit Operations in Bioprocess Systems CHE 566 Dynamics and Control of Biological Process Systems CHE 590 Research Methods and Practices CHE 614 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II CHE 626 Transport Phenomena II CHE 631 Heat Transfer CHE 635 Mass Transfer Operations II CHE 644 Kinetics and Catalysis II CHE 658 Advanced Process Design CHE 670 Real-Time Microcomputer Applications CHE 897 Research CHE 898 Master's Thesis CHE 998 Ph.D. Dissertation CHE I599 Independent Study in CHE CIVE 240 [WI] Engineering Economic Analysis CIVE 250 Construction Materials CIVE 251 Engineering Surveying CIVE 261 Materials and Structural Behavior I CIVE 262 Materials and Structural Behavior II CIVE 263 Materials and Structural Behavior III CIVE 300 Structural Analysis I CIVE 301 Structural Design I CIVE 302 Structural Analysis I CIVE 303 Structural Design I CIVE 310 Soil Mechanics I CIVE 320 Introduction to Fluid Flow CIVE 330 Hydraulics CIVE 370 Introduction to Structural Analysis CIVE 371 Introduction to Structural Design CIVE 372 Structural Laboratory CIVE 375 Structural Material Behavior CIVE 400 First Principles of Structural Design CIVE 401 Structural Design II CIVE 402 Structural Design III CIVE 410 Foundation Engineering CIVE 420 Water and Waste Treatment I CIVE 430 Hydrology CIVE 431 Hydrology-Ground Water CIVE 432 Water Resources Design CIVE 477 [WI] Seminar CIVE 478 [WI] Seminar CIVE I199 Independent Study in CIVE CIVE T180 Special Topics in CIVE ENVE 300 Introduction to Environmental Engineering ENVE 302 Environmental Transport and Kinetics ENVE 335 Industrial Safety ENVE 410 Solid and Hazardous Waste ENVE 415 Recycling of Materials ENVE 416 Urban Water Resources & Infrastructure Systems ENVE 421 Water and Waste Treatment II ENVE 422 Water and Waste Treatment Design ENVE 435 Groundwater Remediation ENVE 450 Data-based Engineering Modeling ENVE 455 Geographic Information Systems ENVE 460 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control ENVE 465 Indoor Air Quality ENVE 470 Industrial Ecology ENVE 471 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment ENVE 485 Professional Environmental Engineering Practice ENVE 486 Environmental Engineering Processes Laboratory I ENVE 487 Environmental Engineering Processes Laboratory II ENVE 491 [WI] Senior Project Design I ENVE 492 [WI] Senior Design Project II ENVE 493 [WI] Senior Design Project III ENVE I199 Independent Study in ENVE ENVE I299 Independent Study in ENVE ENVE I399 Independent Study in ENVE ENVE I499 Independent Study in ENVE ENVE T180 Special Topics in ENVE CIVE 501 Model Analysis of Structures CIVE 510 Prestressed Concrete CIVE 520 Advanced Concrete Technology CIVE 530 Geotechnical Engineering for Highways CIVE 531 Advanced Foundation Engineering CIVE 560 Introduction to Coastal & Port Engineering CIVE 561 Introduction to Hydrology CIVE 562 Introduction to Groundwater Hydrology CIVE 563 Coastal Processes CIVE 564 Sustainable Water Resource Engineering CIVE 565 Urban Ecohydraulics CIVE 567 Watershed Analysis CIVE 585 Transportation Planning and Capacity CIVE 586 Geometric Design of Highways CIVE 605 Advanced Mechanics Of Material CIVE 615 Infrastructure Condition Evaluation CIVE 632 Advanced Soil Mechanics CIVE 635 Slope Stability and Landslides CIVE 636 Ground Modification CIVE 640 Environmental Geotechnics CIVE 650 Geosynthetics I CIVE 651 Geosynthetics II CIVE 652 Geosynthetics III CIVE 660 Hydrology-Stream Flow CIVE 662 Hydrodynamics I CIVE 663 Hydrodynamics II CIVE 664 Open Channel Hydraulics CIVE 665 Computational Hydraulics I CIVE 666 Free Surface Flows CIVE 701 Structural Analysis I CIVE 702 Structural Analysis II CIVE 703 Structural Analysis III CIVE 704 Behavior and Stability of Structural Members I CIVE 705 Behavior and Stability of Structural Members II CIVE 710 Design and Structure of Integrity Building Systems CIVE 711 Engineered Masonry I CIVE 712 Engineered Masonry II CIVE 714 Behavior of Concrete Structures I CIVE 715 Behavior of Concrete Structures II CIVE 717 Behavior of Metal Structures I CIVE 718 Behavior of Metal Structures II CIVE 719 Behavior of Metal Structures III CIVE 730 Experimental Soil Mechanics I CIVE 731 Experimental Soil Mechanics II CIVE 732 Experimental Soil Mechanics III CIVE 737 Seismic Geotechnics CIVE 752 Coastal Structures CIVE 754 Properties and Processes of Polymeric Construction Materials CIVE 755 Durability of Polymeric Construction Materials CIVE 756 Evaluation of Polymeric Construction Materials CIVE 767 Surface Water Mixing Processes CIVE 768 Sediment and Contaminate Transport CIVE 801 Dynamics of Structures I CIVE 802 Dynamics of Structures II CIVE 803 Dynamics of Structures III CIVE 811 Plates and Shells I CIVE 812 Plates and Shells II CIVE 813 Plates and Shells III CIVE 831 Deep Foundations CIVE 833 Earth Retaining Structures CIVE 838 Soil Behavior CIVE 839 Geomechanics Modeling CIVE 898 Master's Thesis CIVE 997 Research CIVE 998 Ph.D. Dissertation CIVE I599 Independent Study in CIVE CIVE T580 Special Topics in CIVE CIVE T680 Special Topics in CIVE ENVE 516 Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology ENVE 529 Environmental Noise ENVE 534 Industrial Ventilation ENVE 535 Industrial Safety ENVE 546 Solid Waste Systems ENVE 550 Recycling of Materials ENVE 555 Geographic Information Systems ENVE 560 Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control ENVE 570 Industrial Ecology ENVE 571 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment ENVE 602 Water Quality Control Lab ENVE 603 Hazardous Waste Analysis Lab ENVE 604 Solid Waste Analysis ENVE 607 Environmental Systems Analysis ENVE 642 Control of Gas and Vapor Pollutants From Industrial and Mobile Sources ENVE 644 Design of Particulate Control Devices ENVE 646 Advanced Solid Waste Systems ENVE 657 Incineration ENVE 660 Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Engineering ENVE 661 Env Engr Op-Chem & Phys ENVE 662 Enviro Engr Unit Oper-Bio ENVE 665 Hazardous Waste & Groundwater Treatment ENVE 681 Analytical and Numerical Techniques in Hydrology ENVE 682 Subsurface Contaminant Transport ENVE 683 Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology ENVE 684 Water Resource Systems Analysis ENVE 702 Adv Enviro Instrumentatn ENVE 726 Environmental Assessment ENVE 727 Risk Assessment ENVE 750 Data-based Engineering Modeling ENVE 761 Enviro Engr Unit Oper Lab ENVE 766 Waste Wtr Treat Plant Des ENVE 767 Surface Water Mixing Processes ENVE 768 Sediment & Contamin Trnsport ENVE I599 Independent Study in ENVE ENVE T580 Special Topics in ENVE


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